Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Report Card Day. Summer School.

My son got his grades expected, it wasn't pretty. Here are his New York State Regents exam grades:
  • History 66
  • Geometry 64
  • Physical Earth Science 60
His overall GPA was 69.88%. What kept it that high was a 95 in gym and a 94 in Concert Band (my son plays the baritone or euphonium--and rather well, I might add).

Along with the report card was a notice saying that he had to go to summer school for Geometry. Since he passed Science for the year (with a 65, don't ask me how), he doesn't have to go to summer school for that subject. This makes no sense to me, since he needs to pass at least five Regents exams to graduate; he obviously needs to retake this exam. Last year, he failed the Algebra Regents but passed Biology; he's currently a sophomore. At this pace, he will need five years of high school to finish. Not exactly what we're shooting for here...I called the guidance counselor and his main tutor to discuss this, but no one's called me back yet...

He was almost proud of the 64 in Geometry. "Just one more point and I would've passed!" When I commented on his low passing score in History (his favorite subject), his reply was, "Why don't you take the Regents exam, then? They're hard, y'know!"
"Yes, they are hard. They need to be studied for. But you didn't want to study for them, did you?"

No reply to that one...he refused to study during Regents week. Just wouldn't do it, no matter what I said. Five years ago, I would've sat him down and made him study. He'll be 17 in November...all I can do is make suggestions, and tell him about the consequences of his actions. The rest is up to's his life.

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