Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bag a' Crap.

pooper scooper law
New York has a Pooper Scooper law, which I firmly support and uphold. I make sure that a supply of litter bags are always attached to Coco's leash, and unfailingly clean up after him.

There's only one unpleasantry: carrying that bag of steaming crap around looking for a quick trash can disposal. By now I pretty much know the location of every visible trash can in my neighborhood, but there are a few streets with gated driveways that leave no readily apparent options. To make matters worse, my small dog takes huge dumps, due to the untoward amount of food my daughter feeds him. So much so that he'll occasionally unload twice on one walk. The last time this occurred, his first dump depleted my litter bag supply. Mortified at the thought of leaving dog poop on someone´s finely trimmed grass, I found a discarded grocery bag on the curb and picked it up. When I put my hand inside to scoop up Coco´s Beneful recycling, guess what my hand encountered? Dog feces, left discarded by another owner. Thankfully it was old and dried up, but still, not exactly pleasant to encounter.

Apparently, this other dog owner liked the idea of carting around fresh dog crap even less than I do.

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