Monday, July 30, 2012

Do I Have to Feel Guilty About...?

...Going to Manhattan? No I don't, since a supervisor asked me to go to the regional office to take care of something today. It was all the other none-work events that made me question my right to be and exist...

sushi...Liking spicy tuna rolls? I bought a tray of them for lunch, in a high-end supermarket near Washington Square. A million years or so ago, there were activist campaigns concerning canned tuna. Incredibly enlightened people like myself knew to buy only albacore tuna, because commercial fishing for the chunk-light-type tuna fishies caused a lot of collateral netting damage to the dolphin population. It was an easy capitulation for me, since the cheapo chunk light variety has an unsettling resemblance to cat food. I always considered sushi a pleasure though, not a guilty pleasure. But after reading articles like this, I now get this pang (yes, pang) of conscience whenever I feel that insidious yen for raw coming on.

...Wanting a paper receipt for my over-priced purchase? I needed some new tee shirts for the summer, which is a problem. Men's tee shirts have devolved into one of three things:
50 Years of Crappy Tee Shirts
  1. A billboard for a tourist trap, booze, or athletic brand
  2. Cheesy silk-screened photo or snarky comment in VERY BIG LETTERS
  3. Primary colors sold by an underwear brand, with imaginative variations, like crew or v-neck.

An exception I've discovered is Urban Outfitters. For 14 bucks a pop, or the incredible sale price of two for 26 dollars, a guy can have a fashionable tee shirt that doesn't contain glitter, logos or offensive comments, and might actually fit. While I was paying, the hipster cashier batted her eyes and wanly asked, "Would you rather have your receipt just emailed to you?" This intelligent ploy accomplishes several goals for ole' UO....they get your email address (score!) so they can bombard you with sales events; it gives them some eco-cred for trying to save the planet; and of course, it saves them money on paper. Sorry, but I asked for the friggin' receipt. I get enough email, and want to thrust some hard physical evidence in their face just in case I buy the wrong size, or run the clothes over with my car on the drive home.

...Homeless veterans? Back in the Bronx, I had to go to the supermarket again to buy more food tonnage for the three teenage boys currently smelling up my house. I had forgotten what a boy's locker room smells like...

There was a marine or ex-marine outside the store, collecting money for homeless veterans. Shouldn't our government be taking care of these people? I don't want to come off as some kind of red, white and blue hawk, but even a pseudo-hippie like me thinks serving in the military is rather commendable. Maybe instead of planning our next interventional war, our government can intervene here and help the soldiers who've already gone overseas, and served their country. Just sayin'...

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