Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Girl's Room Is Her Castle.

We did a favor for some people in Spain...they were sending their son to the New York Film Academy downtown, and asked if the boy could stay with us in the Bronx until they found him a dorm room. He liked our house, food and cleaning services so much, he asked if he could stay the whole semester. We said no problem. Because we are chumps, we said we wouldn't dream of accepting any money...this 18-year-old is 6'6" and nearly ate us out of house and home. He was polite with me and my wife, but didn't get along with my kids (they said he was mean, and a snob). The kids had other reasons to be unhappy: my son had to give up his room and move in to my daughter's room. You can imagine the fights that ensued.

The boy left in June, but is coming back next week to submit his final project. His mother also called and said her sister gave her nephew a birthday present: a ticket to NY for a week. Could he possibly stay with us as well?

Dont pee on the floor, I am sooo not gonna miss you!
My wife said yes, because she won't even be here: she leaves for Spain with my daughter the same day. My son flipped out: he had just got his room back and was losing it again. To soften the blow, I told him he could stay in his room; the two other boys would take my daughter's room, which would be vacant. When she learned the news, she freaked out; she left a parting note, though...

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