Friday, July 13, 2012

My Poor Basil...

pesto, basil, bugs, insects, cayenne pepperI know bugs gotta eat too, but there's lot of other foliage for them to choose from. I sprinkle cayenne pepper on the leaves to keep them at bay, but the sprinkler system or a rain shower washes it off, bringing the leaf munchers right back.

I was eating pesto (or green spaghetti, as my brothers and sisters called it), way before it became popular in this country; my mother is from Genoa, where the dish originates from. She would chop it up with a 'mezzaluna,' a sharp, semi-circular blade with a wooden handle; it was a lot of work. When the electric blender was invented, she called it a Godsend.

Anyway, I know the friggin' insects don't know what pesto is...why don't they eat some yummy grass instead?

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