Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Earth Orbits Around The Sun Every 365 Days Hoax

I 'officially' turn 52 in two weeks, and have decided this has gotta stop, here and now.

Whatever idiot designed this whole 'add one more, every twelve months' system is really pissing me off. I have a feeling one of those credit score agencies dreamt the whole thing up to make money, so I've been following up. I've scoured conspiracy forums on the internet for leads, but haven't found the correct thread, which proves beyond any doubt that a conspiracy exists to hide the conspiracy. Can't fool me...

When I was 29 and 11 months, I tried putting my arm out several times a day--like a crossing guard signalling STOP--yet I turned 30 anyway. Because I was a mealy-mouthed wimp, I put up with the charade. But no longer.

Figure if I can't debunk what I call, "The Earth Orbits Around The Sun Every 365 Days Hoax,"  then there must be a product I can purchase on the internet that will prevent this from happening. Some kind of Scotchguard that I can spray myself with, or maybe the furniture or the dog. Something to stop this infernal, annoying and utterly unnecessary 'year older' nonsense.

Sorry for the rant, but someone had to say it...