Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Choice to be Grateful

Reading the NY Times on a Sunday morning, I came across a sort of  Thanksgiving screed..., written by one Arthur C. Brooks.

I submitted the following to the comments section. I have changed/added some of the phrasing since then, but the essence is unchanged:

I've found gratitude to be a product of age...I'm 53 years old.

 A few examples...
--I'm still alive, watching the sun rise and set each day. A number of my friends, family and acquaintances have died from drugs and alcohol, accidental death and disease.
--My innumerous blunders and failures have made me grateful for the lessons they have taught me; my successes have been gifts to be savored.
--Kindness shown to me and offered to others have become self-evident in the joy and richness they reward me with.
--Loving deeply, employing quiet meditation, and living in peace with others has allowed joy to naturally seep into my life
--As the superficial pleasures of shiny objects fell away, I could not fail to see and appreciate the intense, awe-inspiring beauty of plants, animals, mountains, sea and sky. Simply gazing at the beauty and absorbing the bounteous energy of a nearby tree has turned around many a day in my life.
Gratitude, which also includes preservation--of the gifts of nature that literally nurture us--clean air, water and earth--are not only keys to enriching our life, but also giving forward to those that come after us, creating an unseen harmony with all that exists, both inside and outside us.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Nature's Flashlight

Oh, mystical, magical moonlight
Nature's Flashlight
What size batteries do you take?

Bathed in your celestial light
No instruction manual
In different languages
With lots of typos

Tides recede before you
Who holds your receipt?
Where is your remote?
Is there a limited warranty?

Ineffable, untouchable
Rarified and untariffied
No coupons
No markdowns
Crappy space junk!